Fiona M.

Hello, I just came by to ask something since I am very curious about the Theatre Seven’s activities. Is there anyone here who knows when they will be opening a show once again? I really want to see their plays but I never got to experience it because of my schedule. I hope there is someone here who can give me a reply, thank you!

Hayley R.

Hi, Fiona! It’s a good thing you came to the forum, I’m sure there is someone from the organization that knows the answer to your question. I actually think they will have new shows next month since they just finished one last week. It was amazing as usual but I’m not sure when they will exactly open for shows again.

Jay D.

Hello! I actually think they will be opening new shows in the last week of May since their last show was almost the last week of April as well. I hope you get to see their play next time, Fiona. It’s really great and they really have great productions. I’m sure you will enjoy and have a good time.

Christian C.

Hi, everyone! I’m from the Theatre Seven organization. I’m really happy to know that you are all interested to know about our schedule and see that you are actually updated. It is true that we will be opening a play next month and it may happen in the third or fourth week. Please be updated and notified by giving your email if ever you want to. I hope you all get to see the next play.

Fiona M.

Thank you guys so much for giving me an answer, it’s very helpful. I will make sure to be notified then and be updated so I can finally watch the next play!