Theatre Seven has been here for almost 10 years and up until now, we still try our best to keep going and improve our organization. As a group, we intend to work together to create great productions, plays, and musicals. We never thought we’d go this far considering how small we started and how simple the things we did in the past but now we are here and we were more than happy to look back from the way we started. We have always been entertained with movies, films, theaters, and so much more so we only started as a small group of people that gives reviews way back.

10 years ago, we decided to make our group bigger and take things we do seriously. That was when the Theatre Seven started slowly from the scratch. It was not easy for us to do the things all by ourselves but we are more than thankful that there were a lot of people who helped us out and joined us until we became bigger enough to create such productions by ourselves. In fact, it also helped that the members were all interested in films, and productions, most of us have careers in the production industry and theater arts so it became easier bit by bit. With so much hard work and teamwork, we were able to create our own theater play.

However, we also did some remake of other plays and musicals that were loved by many people. They enjoyed our productions a lot so we also enjoyed making each and every bit of it all. In the future, we will continue to be the theater organization that creates the best and amazing plays and production. You can always expect the best of our efforts and we hope you will all enjoy everything we will do in the next months and years.