Meet the Artist: Fawzia Mirza

Fawzia MirzaFawzia plays the role of Fairouz in T7′s current production, In the Heart of America. We took a few minutes to get to know the woman behind this character.

T7: What scared or scares you the most about being a part of In the Heart of America?
FM: Honestly? I was scared for two reasons: First, that as an actor, I could live the journey of my character, Fairouz and secondly, that our audiences would be willing to go on this intense, poetic and beautiful journey with us.

T7: What is your favorite of your character’s lines?
FM: “There are three kinds of people: those who kill, those who die, and those who watch.”

T7: How long have you been acting?
FM: On and off for 6 years.

T7: What is your relationship to the US Military?
FM: I perform a show, “Sex Signals” with a company called Catharsis Productions. The show is a sexual violence prevention show that uses humor as a way of talking about a divisive issue. The show tours to colleges nationally, but also military installations. I’ve had the privilege of performing in front of the Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy all over the United States but also all over the world.

T7:What would you tell someone to encourage them to see this play?
FM: This play tells the story of the love between two men, of a sister searching for her brother, of brown people in America struggling with their identity, and of the cycle of violence and loss in war.

T7:What was the best moment of the rehearsal process?
FM: Theatre creates a magical creative space, which begins in the rehearsal room. Director, Brian Golden gave us exercises before we started working with the text itself where he’d break us into groups. Each exercise had certain parameters, like, “there has to be a line of dialogue from your character” or “you must use a prop” or “find a moment of triumph”. Through these, I truly began to trust the energy and connection to every other person in our cast.

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